Apr 20


When I was a child growing up, climbing trees has always been fun for me. 


I have reached and enjoyed the branches and leaves of Bayabas tree, Avocado tree, Sinegwelas tree, Duhat tree, Kamias tree, Sampaloc tree, Kaymito tree, short Coconut tree (yes…the short one only), Indian Mango tree, Santol tree, Chico tree, Atis tree, Guyabano tree, Banaba tree, and even the fragile Papaya tree. Trees were part of my life. 

In our days, climbing trees was the most significant tangible proof that a kid like me was healthy and strong. There were no computers, no smart phones, no handheld cameras, no PlayStation, no Apple IPhone, no Samsung Galaxy, no handheld gadgets, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Youtube, etc, that most children enjoy today- indoor. 
We were always outdoor.

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Apr 08


Yesterday, my son and I watched a movie.
The movie is ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA.’

The plot, as with other Super Hero movies, includes the usual good vs evil theme, a traitor in the organization, a former friend turned into a nemesis, finding the secret code, saving the world and preventing the death of millions, etc. 

I’d say it’s predictable and not very deep.

But we go to this type of movie for the actions, and pretty much the action scenes rule this film. They’re implausible. The fight between the Winter Soldier and Captain America is seat jerking. They slug each other and they somersault. The Captain throwing his shield ricocheting impeccably to wherever place he’d like is just magnificent (I wonder where he learned to do that). 

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Mar 23

Homesick…, Home

If given a choice between doing anything and coming home, I will always choose the latter. RL1129


I was having my dinner alone in a restaurant of the hotel where I stayed in Bangkok. The lady with a pink apron has just placed a half-filled glass of complimentary wine on my table. 


Before that meal, I was into very stressful moments at my work and have just dealt with ‘unreasonable’ (and ‘nasty’) people.  I then had to remind myself that sometimes GOD allows obnoxious people to come into our lives to serve as ladders to our goals and maturity.


But the keening shriek of homesickness was interfering with all my senses, which made it difficult for me to grasp the right way of applying the appropriate wisdom to the situation.

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Feb 28

Komiks… and Life

If you fail, there’s a lesson to learn…, use it to get one step closer to your dream. And if you fail again, just like in ‘Komiks’,  your life journey is ‘to be continued’ (Itutuloy).
RonL 1129


I was very engrossed with the story I was reading.
I was on the 3rd page when my mother called my attention and said ”Roni, bitawan mo na yang komiks at may aarkila na ” (Roni, put the Komiks down, someone will rent it). With reluctance, I obeyed my mother.


That was years ago…, alright, many years ago.


Yes, I was reading Komiks, and I had many favorite serial novels.
Most of my favorite stories were penned by Carlo J. Caparas or Jim Fernandez and were illustrated by Mar T. Santana.

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Feb 20

What Else?

‘Thinking’ and ‘planning’ are the spouses of ‘accomplishing’ and ‘achieving’.  And ‘results’… they’re their offspring. RonL 1129


When I was in college, I took a summer class called Vector Analysis.


It is a subject in Mathematics that focuses on differentiation and integration of vector fields.  Naks!!!!  :) (pero hindi po ako ‘Nerd’… requirement lang  talaga ito sa Engineering course). Read the rest of this entry »

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Jan 14

Writing… and us

The words we write may not be the words we speak regularly… they are rather words we think daily.
Ron L 1129


It has been a few weeks now since I wrote may last post. I laughed at myself this morning because one of the promises I made at the beginning of this year was that I shall write at least one (1) article a week, and I simply did not live up to it.

Talk about New Year’s resolutions… and the first one that I have violated. 


Well, the simple reason why one fall short of his commitment is that…sometimes life takes over. One becomes occupied with newer priorities and more pressing issues. So no more promises. 

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Jan 01

A New Year… A New Beginning


One thing we like about a ‘NEW YEAR’ is that everything seems to be new, and everything seems just BEGINNING… like a sunrise…, or a flower blossoming…, or a small leaf coming out from a seed…, or a new born baby…, or our penchant for a NEW journey.



Image courtesy of Christian Rep

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Dec 27

The Best Christmas Gift… from a Caterpillar

The way to make others understand you is to let them know that you are doing your best to understand them. Ron L 1129


I was waiting for the 61M bus. I was already late for an appointment.

Christmas gift giving activity was over but I was still pondering what could have been the best gift I should have given to my family …and to my friends.


Sure, there were the usual reasonably priced material things I gift wrapped and gave to my wife and children, and the very nostalgic always available quote (and song)  – ‘give love on Christmas day,’ – which I believe I did observe.


That should have already made the protocol of gift giving complete…, but still, ‘something seems missing. 

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Dec 21

It’s Just Emotion That’s Taking Us Over

My future has nothing to do with what I feel today.  Ron L 1129

I needed to go to the toilet. I needed to urinate. I was flying from Shanghai to Hong Kong. It was an afternoon flight (I won’t mention the airline).


When I was about to unfasten my seat belt, I saw a tall Caucasian man going to the front of the plane. He will attempt to use the front toilets. But those are for business class passengers. Surely the plane crew will stop him.


But no one stopped him! And there were 2 flight attendants who saw him. So I sighed and thought… “oh, they allowed it…, probably because they understand the need and they’re considerate.”

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Dec 14



A man of too many friends comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Prov 18:24  NASB

Let’s study that.

A true friend is someone who sticks closer than a brother. He does not hold back.

A true friend always puts the welfare of his friend over ‘friendship’.

A friend who is more concern on maintaining the ‘friendship’  is a not a true friend.

There are people like that.

I know a guy whose friend consistently borrows money from him.

The friend uses the money for football gambling and for dating a mistress.
When asked why he never told his friend to stop, he said “I don’t want to lose our friendship. He’s my friend”.

Well.., that’s crap.

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