Apr 09

A Paucity of Reasons & an Abundance of Stupidities

A Paucity of Reasons & an Abundance of Stupidities
by Ron R. Lacson


A month ago, my daughter brought home a book called ‘Stupid is Forever.’  It is authored by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.  I immediately devoured it. (No, no, no, I did not eat it; it wasn’t survival of the fittest, it was actually an application of the theory of natural selection ;-)  ).  What I meant was that I read the book without stopping; and I finished it in one sitting.  It is a good book.


Ok, this article is not intended to advertize Miriam’s book; it’s already selling like hotcakes; it doesn’t need any more promotion.  The idea is to refer to the book’s many satires that are intended to seriously consider the wealth of stupidities in the three branches of the government that you hope to trust – LEGISLATIVE   (the Senate and the House of Representatives), EXECUTIVE (President, VP, Cabinet) & JUDICIARY (Supreme Court, RTC, MTC, Special Courts), – and the scarcity of reasons on why they continue to annoy and disappoint us.
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Mar 07

NOT in it for the LIKES

NOT in it for the LIKES
by Ron R. Lacson


“I’m NOT in it for the LIKES.”  I heard the phrase from Bill Maher (American political satirist, writer, producer, political commentator, etc.) when he delivered a keynote address at UC Berkeley Winter Commencement.  What about you?  Have you ever heard that phrase before?


Nahhh. Maybe not. And if even you have, I bet it wasn’t very often.  Why? …. well… because almost everyone wants to be liked; or wants ‘LIKES’; or  needs ‘LIKES’;  or likes ‘LIKES’; or yearns for ‘LIKES’.  It’s like each individual likes to live life with full of ‘LIKES’ and could not like life without ‘LIKES’.  Confusing? Or are you now beginning to LIKE where this article is leading you into?


Let’s examine ourselves for a while.  Let’s start with Facebook.  Alright, why do you post things – photos, quotes, status, comments, etc. – on FB?   Why do you post statements like ‘I’m feeling fantastic (or lonely) today’? Why do you post what you ate for breakfast, or which place you had your vacation, or how you’ve taken your bath, or which book you’ve just read, or what brand of toilet paper you’ve just used?  

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Feb 01

Kopi Luwak / Civet Coffee…, and the price to pay.

Kopi Luwak / Civet Coffee…, and the price to pay.
By Ron R. Lacson

It is the most expensive coffee on the planet.  It is also the yuckiest when you begin to realize that the coffee beans were coated with knots of poo (well ok, ‘shit’ if you want to be afforded further clarity) before they find their way into your cup.

I’ve ordered a cup of Kopi Luwak when I was in Jakarta last week;  and as my colleagues and I sat in a rather comfy coffee bistro – which has unique styles of wooden curved seats that suit any arse – inside a large mall, waiting to be served our respective chosen java drink, I contemplated the arrival and taste of the remarkably complex, full-bodied, smooth coffee with its alluring aroma.

Oh, did I already mention that it’s expensive (very)? I guess I did. I won’t mention the figure here; but it could well equal to a day meal, or up to a 3-day meal of a family of 5 – depending which country that family lives.


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Jan 03

Be A Freethinker this 2015… and in years to come.

Be A Freethinker this 2015… and in years to come.
by Ron R. Lacson

Wisdom always gets its birth from finding out what is true; by asking questions (and getting answers), by discovering facts (and using those facts to establish truths), and by not being embarrassed whenever we learn that we are wrong (and our willingness to be corrected). These are what a freethinker does.

Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, and historian said this“What makes a freethinker is not his beliefs but the way in which he holds them.  If he holds them because his elders told him they were true when he was young, or if he holds them because if he did not he would be unhappy, his thought is not free; but if he holds them because, after careful thoughts he finds a balance of evidence in their favor, then his thought is free, however odd his conclusion may seem. “ Read the rest of this entry »

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Dec 22

Are You Happy?


There was this documentary program on TV where they were showing grief-stricken poor people, recently devastated by a strong storm; their scanty possessions placed in medium sized rusty cans and tattered baskets. They waited for help. When the relief truck arrived, they – boys, girls, and adults – headed fast towards it to get the things which they knew could be used for their deliverance.

The next scene showed a ragged and shabby boy being handed a new baseball cap by a uniformed man from the truck. When the camera focused on the boy’s face, it gave the sight of a genuine and complete happiness. It was an authentic joy. That look on his face is something I will never forget.


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Dec 18

The Tenacity of Holidays

You smile at almost everyone you meet. You shake someone’s hand whenever possible. You do occasional high-fives and ‘beso-beso’ / cheek to cheek kisses with your friends when you’re in the mood (and you’re always in the mood). You sing your favorite songs – when you’re walking, when you’re buying a piece of bread, when you’re texting, or when you’re about to go to the toilet – just soft enough for everyone to not notice your falsetto voice so you won’t be mistaken as the resurrected Michael Jackson (or more like the Bee Gees, I guess).


You usually look to the ceiling (when you’re inside) or to the sky (when you’re outside) as if doing a careful mystical mantra of appreciating what you have. Look up! Look up! (ala Ryzza Mae) is your favorite bubbly action. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nov 08



A year ago, I was in the midst of the great storm surge Yolanda in Cebu and in Iloilo (incidentally I will be in Cebu <again> and Cagayan De Oro this month;  it’s highly unlikely that Yolanda has a sister who may also have the charming habit of visiting PHIL every November), so I experienced it first-hand, as did many of our ‘kababayans’ in the most stricken places like Leyte and Samar. It was a catastrophe of unimaginable magnitude.




I wrote an article about it (and was published in 2 international magazines, one of which was in Hong Kong) that described the agony of uncertainties. I also coerced my pen (alright, my keyboard) to put God in the spectrum to be questioned by people.

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Oct 12

Occupy Your Mind…, with BOOKS

Here in HONG KONG, the last few weeks had been about ‘Occupy Central,’ or ‘Occupy Mongkok;’ or whatever place people would like to occupy. Well, in this article, let’s shift for a bit, let’s talk about how to ‘Occupy Your Mind’, or OYM.’


The best way to OYM is by reading books (oh, you think occupying your mind is only by daydreaming? nahhh!;  YOU SHOULD READ,  just like what you’re doing right now).  And when I say books, these are the ones influencing how you see life, which as a result, are causing you to influence others with what you learn; and the possibility of making you likable and rich (are you beginning to like what I’m saying now? ).

These are books recommended by WBO or World Book Organization (ok, I made that up, there’s really no WBO, but you have to admit that it sounded good and authoritative); that you must read before you…, no, not die (why do you occupy your mind with the word ‘die’?). I was about to write: ‘you should read these books before your eyes become bleary – when you’re already old and senile.’
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Sep 14



Lately, the past few months, over several weeks ago, on the days that really count, quite a number of delightful anecdotes and serendipities stretched and appeared into my life. And yes, I was part of them. In fact, I was in the stories. With joy and amazement still welling on me, I am now choosing to write them here; at least some of them.

The objective is not to flaunt, but to share, and hope with fervor, that these accounts can be used as guides or instruments in influencing others to do positive actions in life, and have fun as well. As a result, perhaps more people will be willing to help and assist others. So here we go:


1. Offered a seat.

Going to work, while inside a double decker 61M bus, I was sitting and reading a book (no, it’s not ‘FIFTY SHADES of GREY’; but you wondered, didn’t you?). I noticed a pregnant lady who was standing. She’s Caucasian.

She probably climbed up from the previous stop. There were no more seats and she was obviously having difficulty balancing. I offered my seat which was on the aisle, which then made it easier for her to place her arse conveniently. She took the seat.

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Jul 23

Writing… and us

The words we write may not be the words we speak regularly… they are rather words we think daily.
Ron L 1129


It has been a few weeks now since I wrote may last post. I laughed at myself this morning because one of the promises I made at the beginning of this year was to write at least one (1) article a week, and I simply did not live up to it.

Talk about New Year’s resolutions… and the first one that I have violated. 


Well, the simple reason why one fall short of his commitment is that…sometimes life takes over. One becomes occupied with newer priorities and more pressing issues. So no more promises. 

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